Guest Speaker - Priest Bhante Saranapala, aka Urban Buddhist Monk

Coming Sunday ( June 14th, 2015) Dr. Bhante Saranapala - Buddhist Monk will be visiting our Centre as a guest speaker. Bikke Saranapala is familiar with Swami and has visited several Sai Centres and given talks. This is a great opportunity to learn about Buddism and Buddist teachings and would like to invite the region to attend this talk.

Talk will begin at 6pm. Followed by a short bhajan.

Below is a brief summary of the Priest Bhante Saranapala, aka Urban Buddhist Monk, Buddhist Chaplain to the University of Toronto is a young Buddhist monk. He was born in Bangladesh & attended monastic education in Kandy, the seat of Buddhism in Sri Lanka where he was ordained as a Monk. Bhante Saranapala moved to Canada in obedience to his superiors accepting an assignment as a resident monk at the new West End Buddhist Monastery in Mississauga, Canada. He enrolled at the University of Toronto and obtained his B.A. Honors Degree in Comparative Religions and Western Philosophy in 2000 and was appointed Chaplain to the Universityr. He obtainied a Masters Degree in Religious studies from Hamilton’s McMaster University in 2002. Bhikkhu Saranapala did his doctoral studies in Religious Studies at the Centre for the Study of Religion. He conducts various meditation retreats and youth camps and gives inspiring lectures. He has received several awards such as the Order of Ontario Awards in the Ontario Legislature and the Spirit Award from the Government of Ontario.


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