Ladies Wing

Mahila Wing of the Toronto East Sathya Sai Centre commenced its operation in the year 2000 under the leadership of Santosh Ambasana.


The vision and objective of the wing is:


  • To promote and enhance the spiritual nature inherent in women.

  • To do Service activities together as ladies group.

  • To develop love and understanding between the ladies, which will promote unity & harmony in the centre.

Ladies Wing Study Circle - March 29th, on 9 Point Code Of Conduct


Swami says center members are expected to do their best to practice the Nine-Point Code of Conduct in order to be examples of His teachings and for spiritual and personal development.


"It is the Code of Conduct which is responsible for the Organisation moving forward, growing from strength to strength. The office bearers should exercise maximum care to see that the Code of Conduct is adhered to and guide others also in the right path... There should be no scramble for power or position. What matters is the purity, intensity of devotion and the spirit of self sacrifice."
- Baba


Some Materials and Pictures Here

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