"Embodiments of Love! There is Love in everyone of you. Develop that Love. Share it with the people. You also experience with your fellow people. This love - this love is not one-way traffic. It is just two-way: GIVE and TAKE. We don't need to go anywhere, if you have Love."


“Freedom is independence from externals. One who is need of the help of another person, thing or condition, is a slave thereof. Perfect freedom is not given to any man on earth because the very meaning of mortal life is relationship with and dependence on one another. The lesser the number of wants, the greater is the freedom. Hence perfect freedom is absolute desirelessness.”

 _ Sri Sathya Sai Baba


  • To create a holistic environment for youth to develop their talents and abilities for spiritual transformation and future leadership.

  • To provide the opportunity to develop their own leaders and programs within the frame work of the Charter and rules and regulations of the Sai Organization.

  • To become aware of and understand the needs of the community and assist in the development of a better society.

  • To learn and understand other religions and promote unity of faiths.To promote Youth membership through role modeling.

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Sathya Sai Baba