As I Sat There

I sat in a crowd of people, all waiting for you.

The devotion, passion, and love in our voices

Was too clear to go unnoticed.

I sat there in anticipation for your arrival.

Imagining your long, bright orange robe, and sparkling eyes

Slowly walking to your chair, blessing us all with your presence.

I sat there, the heat almost overwhelming,

But not as overwhelming as the reoccurring thought of

“He isn’t coming.”

I sat in the crowd of people, my hope slowly diminishing

With every bhajan that was sang

Marking another three minutes without you there.

I sat there, and prayed.

I thanked you; for all that you have done for me,

For blessing me with the best possible life a young girl could have.

For giving me the opportunity to experience this glorious place.

I sat there, my prayers becoming pleads for your presence.

I could not help but feel as if

You did not want to see me.

As if I did something wrong.

I sat there; tears blurring my vision

As the final few bhajans were being sung.

And as I finally gave up all hope,

You came.

The car drove in, and I saw your face

And the tears were uncontrollable.

All I could say,

All I could think,

All I could feel,

Was Thank you.

Those few moments, although brief

Were all I needed.

All I wanted.

And as I sat there, and bhajan ended,

My wishes were fulfilled.

I could not help but feel as if

You came to see me.

Giving me reassurance of your unconditional love.

Allowing me to feel unconditionally loved

By You.

#poem #balvikaswork

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