Global Akhand Bhajans Seva

Same as in the past years, this year also we will be collecting dry food at our 2015 Global Akhand Bhajan.

Hoping to make a significant collection this year and targeting to collect more than 1 Ton (2240 pounds or 908 Kg) during Akhanda Bhajan. That is about One pound (450 grams) of dry food per devotee who attend Akhanda Bhajan.

The centres can start collecting non-perishable food items from now on.

Please remind devotees to check the label that has a “best before date or expiry date”. Food Bank does not accept any items less than 90 days prior to the date printed or any expired products as the item can no longer provide adequate nutrition past the expiry date.

Most needed items food items are : Canned vegetables pasta/ pasta sauce canned fruit 100% fruit juice rice high fibre/low sugar cereal oatmeal flour granola bars dried/canned beans peanut butter baby food (vegetables and fruit)/ baby cereal/ baby formula

#akhandbhajans #seva

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